Seven Men – Study Guide for...

Charles W. Colson

Focus for the Week

What does it mean for a leader’s gifts and abilities to be redeemed for the cause of Christ?


How did you take action in “everyday” ways during the last week based on the challenges of our study? Remember to be specific!

Did anyone specifically set aside time to dream about how we can be used by God to be catalysts for cultural transformation? Remember: what you thought about on the way to our time together doesn’t count. Did you set aside time?

What is the next step you need to take in being “a catalyst for culture change?”


How did God use former Raytheon CEO, Tom Phillips, to change Colson’s life?

From a young age, Chuck Colson demonstrated tremendous ambition combined with ability. When Colson became a Christian how were those qualities different in his life? How were they the same?


Read 2 Cor 5:16-21.

How complete is the transformation of someone who becomes a Christian?

Does the transformation mean the elimination of previous gifts, abilities, and training?

Engage and Execute

Metaxas summarizes that Colson worked hard, in his younger years, for President Richard Nixon — the most powerful man on earth, but he spent the second half of his life working even harder for the King of kings. If you wrote a summary sentence about your life, who would you say that you worked for the first half of your life?

If you are at a point where you would say that you are working as hard now for Christ, as you did for the cause you served in the first part of your life?

What can you do now to work hard for Christ with what remains of your life?

For Further Study and Reading

Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity. Vol. Harper Collins. San Francisco: Harper, 2001. Even if you are not up to reading all of this book, consider reading the chapter on pride. This is the chapter God used so powerfully in Colson’s life. You can read an excerpt here.

Kathryn Schulz interviews Chuck Colson about his conversion, From the White House to the Jailhouse to the Pulpit: Chuck Colson on Being Wrong

Tim Johnson is a Regional Vice President for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Leader of Pinnacle Forum for Central Illinois.