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Pinnacle Partners Monthly Breakfast with Brooks Marsh

We look forward to hearing from Pinnacle Forum Partner Brooks Marsh at our November breakfast.

After 32 years of helping bring success to other grocery store owners as an exec­utive at a fortune 100 company; nine years ago, Brooks finally had the opportuni­ty he'd been looking for.  Raised on a cattle ranch in Montana his grocery work started in his early teens picking weeds and cleaning the meat department of a small grocery store. Who would have known that this was the beginning of God preparing him for his own store; utilizing every part of it as a ministry tool to serve and glorify God. Today the Mahomet IGA is a community treasure providing full and part-time jobs and careers for young and old, fully abled and dis-abled alike. It's a place where the community comes together to shop and fellowship....and none of this is by accident... God's finger prints are all over it. Brooks saw the  business as a gift, so his prayer from the beginning was the business would be God’s tool to serve employees, customers and his family.
Brooks will share at our November PF Friday Breakfast about the Power of God's Whisper in his life and how through the encouragement of his wife and other mentors, he "had the guts to respond"...risking it, later in life than most.

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Pinnacle Forum Partner Lunch and Retreat
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Pinnacle Forum Partner Lunch and Retreat

Transforming Leaders to Transform Culture

With Internationally Recognized Business and Ministry Leader, Brian Cape and Pinnacle Forum America CEO, Steve Fedyski.  Plus special guest Don Ankenbrandt, Executive Director of Alliance Ministries who will introduce us to:  A Life Changing Process – the 2:10 Project.

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