To envision how Christians can hear from God and have the guts to respond. What does it look like to hear from God? How can we be confident we really are hearing from God?

Discussion Questions:

First, have any of you been prompted by the Holy Spirit this week? How did you respond?

Did anyone read 1 Samuel 1-3? What stood out to you about that section of Scripture?

The video included a man named Gerry Couchman sharing his story of how God guided and directed him. What stood out about Gerry's story?

Following Gerry's story, Bill Hybels mentioned five "filters" he uses to discern whether he is truly hearing from God.

  • "God, is this prompting truly from you?" Does this square with who I know God to be? Is it consistent with the attributes of God?
  • "Is the whisper scriptural?" Is it really fitting with what the Bible says?
  • "Is it wise?"
  • "Is it in tune with my own character or wiring?"
  • "What do the people I most trust think about it?"

Can any of you share the story of one of these filters helping give you direction?

Of these five filters, which filter is foundational to all the others? How so?

Read Romans 12:1-2 aloud - - how are these verses helpful in our pursuit of hearing from God?


Remember - - our vision for this series in Pinnacle Forum is that we will have stories of how we have heard from the promptings of God and then had the guts to respond. We're dreaming that by the time we get to wrap-up sessions, that we will have accumulated lots of stories of God at work in our midst.

We are not, necessarily talking about spectacular stories. It could be something as simple as, "I was prompted to schedule a time for me to take my spouse out to eat - - and I did." Or, "I called one of my children and asked forgiveness."

Would you pray for "whispers" from God this week?

"Wisdom" is the foundation of good Christian decision making. We might define wisdom as "skill for right living." Wisdom is the saw we use to cut our way through life. Like any cutting edge, wisdom must be sharpened. One of God's greatest gifts for sharpening our "wisdom saw" is the book of Proverbs.

Just as there are days in the month, or most months, there are 31 chapters of Proverbs. A great practice is to read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds with the day of the month. So on September 25 read Proverbs 25.

If you read Proverbs over time, you will find that it is tempting to read quickly. Force yourself to slow down and meditate on at least one verse of that chapter of Proverbs.

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