"Life, no matter how we play it, will not go on forever. When the game is over it's all going to end up in the same place. As an ancient Italian proverb put it: 'Pawn and king alike, they all go back in the bag." John Ortberg


To keep the right priorities in life by remembering that one day very soon "it will all go back in the box."

Discussion Questions:

John used the illustration of life being like a game with the central point that at the end all of the pieces go back in the box.

In what sense is this a valuable or helpful illustration?

Where does the illustration break down? For example, whereas Monopoly money cannot be used beyond the life of the game, can money we receive in this life be invested for eternal purposes (Matthew 6:19-21, Luke 16:8-9)?

John referenced Luke 12:13-21. Read this passage aloud.

If we had to tell this story today using current categories what would we substitute for "barns"? How do we store up security for ourselves today?

Is it wrong to save and plan ahead? How does it become wrong?

Notice the text that comes after the story of the rich fool (Luke 12:22-34). How is it an appropriate conclusion to Luke 12:22-34?

What is an area of your life or possession that you tend to forget is temporary?


Consider prayerfully reading Luke 12:13-34 during the week. Pray that God would open your eyes and remind you that everything is going back in the box.

One of the ways John Ortberg reminded himself of the brevity or shortness of life was to label things as "temporary" or "forever." We would go through a lot of labels if we tried to identify everything that is temporary. But what is an item or two that it is important for you to identify as temporary?

Don't be too quick to label everything as temporary. Taking golfing for instance. So far as we know, there won't be golf carts on the new earth - - still there are times that something of eternal value might happen while we are golfing. So rather than just dismissing everything you own - - think also about how the pieces of your life might be leveraged for eternal purposes.