Andy Stanley: One, Not Everyone

Consider saying these words: "I can't help everyone, but today I'm going to do for one person what I wish I could do for everyone."

The needs of the world are beyond comprehension:

  • 16.7 million American children suffering from hunger
  • 47 million refugees worldwide

Not to mention Ebola . . . or ISIS . . . or hurting people in East St. Louis or Champaign. There is an ocean of need out there.

Andy Stanley reminds us that when we see and consider the great needs in the world we can be so overwhelmed by the impossibility of it all that we end up doing nothing. Stanley encourages us that we don't have to do everything for everyone. Instead, we should do for one person what we wish we could do for everyone.

At Pinnacle Forum, we are praying for leaders who hear the whisper of God and do for one what they wish they could do for everyone:

  • You can't feed every homeless people every day. Maybe feed one today.
  • You can't encourage every Pinnacle Forum partner in quite the same way - - but maybe today is the time when you call a partner and say, "I got down on my knees and prayed for you by name today."
  • You can't call every old friend today - - but is there one old friend you could call and encourage one old friend.

Let's don't be so overwhelmed by the needs in our world that we do nothing. Let's do for one person what we wish you could do for everyone.

In the below video Andy Stanley explains this point in greater detail. This is a longer clip than we normally share. But it's well worth watching. Otherwise, just repeat the line, "Today I'm going to do for one person what I wish I could do for everyone." (For a better quality version, you can click through to Northpoint's web site).

Posted on October 5, 2014 .