A New Movie from the Producers of God is Not Dead

Bill Ferrell, the Executive Director for Pinnacle Forum in  Greater Chicago, has written the below letter to let us know that PureFlix is releasing a new movie, "Do You Believe." You can watch the trailer for this movie at the end of this post.

Dear Pinnacle Forum Partners and Friends,

PUREFLIX, the producers of “God is Not Dead” has another faith-based movie coming out today called “Do You Believe?”

The story is about 12 different people – all moving in different directions, all longing for something more. As their lives unexpectedly intersect, they each are about to discover there is power in the Cross of Christ…even if they don’t believe it. Yet.

As a result of last year’s “God Is Not Dead” hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people came to Christ and countless others were encouraged in their Christian faith.

Let's hope and pray that “Do You Believe?” has the same impact. No – even greater. Please prayerfully consider attending this movie with your family – and invite others to go with you.

The PUREFLIX production company is a result of a Pinnacle Forum Partner following his God-given passion, receiving support and encouragement from his forum, and seeking to make a difference in the arts and entertainment mountain.

Let’s support this culture-transforming effort. And – and this is a BIG AND – seriously be challenged to follow the culture-transforming passion God has placed in our hearts. What is he calling you to do? DO IT!

Because I Do Believe,


Posted on March 20, 2015 .