How Will Your Forum Answer This Question?

If God answered all the prayers of your forum for the year, what would happen to further the glory of Christ in central Illinois and around the world?

Another year for our forums will soon be over. One of the questions that the wrap-up session for When the Game is Over poses is, "If God answered all the prayers of your forum, what would happen for God's glory?"

If you look back over recent weeks and realize that your prayer life has not been where it needs to be, the point is not to make you feel guilty. Instead, let's take action!

  • Get down on your knees right now and call out to God!
  • Write out a prayer.
  • Call a forum member and pray together on the phone.
  • Schedule a prayer meeting.
  • Determine in your next forum that prayer will be the priority.
Posted on April 14, 2015 .